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Why are we doing this?

Healthy Relationships = Happiness

There are few core things that matter to you when you age - Relationships, Health, Financial Security and Accomplishments

In those 4, Relationships matters the most. At Askmile, we believe great relationships are key driver to better future. Relationships and Accomplishments/success are not exclusive. Just think - of all the Award speeches you have seen how many of them didn't attribute their success to their family?

  • Fundamental unit of happiness in a country begins small, with a family, even specifically relationship between two people.
  • Most of the time we hear people cutting down their dreams when they get married, primarily because they feel that a marriage is going to curb down their freedom and be a lesser version of themselves. But we believe it doesn't have to be this way. People can be better themselves with great family support.
  • We want to build strong families, encourage amazing parents for a great future.

Relationships are how people find themselves.

Seeking help is sign of Strength
Seeking help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. In a patriarchial society like India, we are taught to be macho. We want to make people asking help easy. For a man who is the strong head of family, strong head in his company, CEO of companies, IAS officers, Founders of companies seek help. They get better, discover better version of themselves. They still can hold their macho image. We help them do it.

Therapists are Angels
We believe therapists are really undervalued in our society, the change that they can bring to lives is truly remarkable. They are the Angels who are nothing but better mirrors of our users. They help them reflect their feelings and give power to them to be great individuals.

Satisfaction of helping someone is what drives us
There was a woman who came to us that she had found out that her husband had an affair. She found out through his whatsapp where he was talking to his girlfriend. She was afraid to confront as she was afraid he might ask for a divorce. She seeked help and she was able to confront. She was able to confront and convince her husband to give the relationship another try. She told us that talking us enabled to her to get her a new life.
This. This is what we work for. This emotion that it generates within us, makes us go crazy mad about solving this problem. We make money so that we can do more of this, not the otherwise.

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