Hope you all are good.

Just in case you forgot its already January 2k18 and you all are soon going to witness , unfortunately once again , the so called ”most special day for Love Celebration”. Oh yes, obviously, The VALENTINE’s DAY.

The whole scenario will once again drastically transform as if it’s the only day when a human heart can sense Love.  Your ears will once again run out of patience when “LOVE IS IN THE AIR” will annoyingly echo all around you.

I hope you all must be quite ready with your titillating and thrilling plans to  deal with this hypocritical ordeals of Valentine’s day like:-

-locking yourself up in a room and blaming your looks,

-question the cause of your existence as if relationships are the ultimate goal of life,


-being a sadist and ignite the jealousy for others within you.

Well, there are much more better ways buddy that won’t only resist you from being in  the inferiority complex but will have a enhance you to deal with every scenario in life that makes you feel inferior.

Listed below are some of the best ideas that you should try on a valentine’s day as well as ideas that will transform your mind gradually into a intellectual one:-


Before moving on to what you should to do engage yourself on Valentine day , why not prioritizing on training your mind in a such a way it that it rarely gets bothered about such childish events and stop perceiving it as a special day. This is no doubt a slow and lengthy process but it assures a long term relief from useless and childish conflicts that continues in your mind just because you happen to be single. And I hope you know ‘Better Late than Never’.

Though this ends up being a slow process but it can be boosted up instantly if you follow some basic tricks that gradually affects the subconscious brain:-

  • The very imperative fact that you should get into your head is that a human brain can never be controlled but only be engaged.

Therefore try every possible way to engage your mind in something that is productive enough.

  •  Books , the best weapon: Be it a bewildered mind or a mind full of inferiority complexes , a good choice of books and novels will never let you fall into the Bermuda triangle of confusions that breaks you from within. Books are the best way to shift your mind towards a better and productive direction.

Now speaking about the thrilling ideas that every single should definitely try on Valentine’s Day to maintain the mind stability:-

  1. OOPS… SOCIAL MEDIA , A BIG NO (in capitals)

Oh yes , I am very well aware that this advice is the toughest one to be followed after all we are so  badly involved in social media now that we can’t even imagine our virtually awesome lives without it.

But think it this way, every time you logout of your account ,does it give you immense pleasure and fulfillment that fills your mind with peace? Obviously,  NO.

Therefore stop overusing these websites , especially on scenarios  like valentine’s day.

The marvelously edited selfies as well as the virtual happiness all around might end making you feel like a looser, But believe me its not the truth.

Moreover this avoid the jokes and meme made on facebook twitter that showcases single life as the worst one. You may find it funny but a major part of your brain is affected. Subconscious part of the brain never understands and will always take it as granted .

So this Valentine , initiate a complete avoidance of social media and get the best of the day all by yourself.


2k17 brought to us some of the best series we had ever seen. Be it a science fiction , a romantic tale ,a thrilling suspense or a scary horror , we got full doze of exciting TV series. Some of the best series that I came across were:-

-Mr. Robot



-Master of None

This Valentine stop acting like sadist and putting an end to your own happiness and move out there and grab the best series and reserve yourself for the whole day.


Lucky are those who never have to share the ‘more than half’ slice of the pizza or cake for their partner.

The best thing you can do to yourself this year is to be a bit selfish and get the best possible food for yourself and eat it as if its your last day.

Moreover enjoying the online service is one of the best perks that you can get the best from in the present scenario, where you can have the tastiest dishes at your doorstep.

So Stop playing a victim and get the best of the day while enjoying your own company.


No matter to what extent someone pushes push their limits in search of true happiness and confuse few moments of joy with happiness, they will never be capable of achieving the true fulfillment.

True fulfillment can never be found in a slice of pizza or a few expensive materialistic gifts.

If we go through the in depth analysis we find though a fulfilled and silent mind state can only achieved when we create rapport and a deep connection with other human.

And the best way to create a rapport is to whole heartedly help whoever needs it. Believe me, that’s the most simple and effective way to get the genuine fulfillment in life.

So this time don’t lock yourself up in your room and act as you lost everything, instead go out there and help people with what you still have.

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