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Flight Attendants and Relationships

Flight Attendants rank among the top three in the list of highest divorce rates in the US. Contrary to the popular belief of a glamarous high flying career, we know how you face hardships in your marriages and relationships due to frequent travel, odd hours, not being able to spend quality time with each other.

We understand how much does it take a toll on your relationships and how much it hurt! We know it because we have helped a number of flights attendants for their relationship issues. We bring online relationship counseling in a way that suits you the most - Anonymous, Convenient, Secure .

What Our Users Have to Say

Avatar woman be0a8aacfd115e0edc274fd884cc7f948481d3d050521f29e532c8c31e220ee2 34 Married
Trust Issues
I got married 2 years ago with my boyfriend of 4 years and things were not going good between us and the crazy travels and timings were also not helping. I started speaking with a counsellor here who helped me deal with the issues in my marriage despite the travel and distance. I was not sure how much this was going to help but I'm glad I gave it a shot and this has helped me save my marriage.
Avatar woman be0a8aacfd115e0edc274fd884cc7f948481d3d050521f29e532c8c31e220ee2 24, Single
I broke up with my boyfriend because we were not able to spend any quality time with each other and it was very rough phase of my life. Askmile supported me a lot and there was a time I was sending 20 messages a day telling each and everything I was feeling and thinking and agonizing about. I don't know if was able to overcome it without my counsellor. Thank you so much.
Avatar woman be0a8aacfd115e0edc274fd884cc7f948481d3d050521f29e532c8c31e220ee2 28, Single
Managing Relationships
I had come on Askmile after it was getting really difficult for me to manage my two year relationship because of the frequent travelling that my job required me to do. I didn't want to end my relationship and didn't know what else to do. But speaking with a counsellor here gave me a different perspective to handle myself and my relationship. I had someone to talk to, to understand me and be with me in all of this mess. Our problems have not completely vanished, but the support that I got here helped us keep going and manage our relationship better than when we had reached a point of having lost all hope of this working out.
Avatar woman be0a8aacfd115e0edc274fd884cc7f948481d3d050521f29e532c8c31e220ee2 45, Married
I was not sure of how speaking with a counselor could help me with the issues that I was facing in my marriage. Due to our jobs my husband and I started having trust issues, fights over possessiveness and all silly things and it was only getting worse day by day. The support that I got from my Counselor put a lot of things into picture for us and we were able to get past many things that we were not being able to deal with before. I cannot thank my Counselor and Askmile team enough for helping me save my marriage! I've recommended them to so many of my colleagues who could also benefit from similar issues.