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Rebuilding Your Relationship with expert help

It's extremely painful to see your marriage or relationship breaking in front of your eyes. The reasons could be anything such as trust issues, incompatibility, regular fights, money, sex, decision making to anger issues. You both want to fix it and bring back love and smile in your relationship but don't know how.

Your journey to rebuild your relationship may be a tough one, but working it with an expert you can trust can make all the difference. Our expert counselors have helped thousands of couples and can help you re-work on your relationship. Speak with your counselor now - Anonymous, Convenient and Secure.


Avatar woman Female, 36
After five years of marriage, we realise we were too opposite. We were fighting all the time and it had wrecked our mental peace. My Counselor on Askmile Rebecca focused on the communication in our marriage and helped us understand each others different perspective. She taught both of us about how to stand in each other shoe and learn each others likings and dislikings. It was an incredible counseling journey. I'm very thankful to Rebecca and askmile. Would recommend anyone facing issues in their marriage.
Avatar woman Female, 29
I could see my marriage breaking for the past 2 years and one day my husband asked for a divorce. I didn't want to leave him because there were beautiful moments we had spent together. A friend suggested Askmile and we both started speaking with Rebecca who explained us each other strengths and weeknesses and the causes of our regular conflicts. The exercises she gave us were amazing and worked like Magic. Both me and my husband are very thankful to her and Askmile to help us work out on our marriage.
Avatar woman Female, 35
We were going through a very rough patch. I ended up leaving the house for a few days. I really did not know what to do. I thought we were headed for divorce after 7 years of marriage. I was mostly doubtful about online counseling but I was basically out of options. Both my husband and I were ready for divorce, he even more than me. We decided to give it one more try and if that doesnt work we will call it quits. We tried Askmile (he and I separately with the same counselor) and within few weeks, it really improved our relationship. Our counselor has been nothing short of fantastic. We still have our fights, but that is part of a healthy relationship. Because of our counselor, my marriage has literally been saved.
Avatar man Male, 38
6 years into my marriage I came to realise that my wife was having an affair. I was devastated. I loved her dearly and did not want to end our marriage. Apparently I wasn’t fulfilling her needs is what she said and my lack of time and attention led her to be back with an ex flame who was giving her all the attention while I was engrossed at work. I was angry more than I could bear. She was sorry but I wasn’t able to move past it even though I wished I could. My interactions here helped me immensely with that. We’re working on our marriage more intensely and effectively than ever before thanks to Askmile and their endearing support throughout this rough phase. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me save my marriage!

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