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  • We specialise in marriages & relationships issues and all our counsellors are professional relationship counsellors.
  • Our counsellors are highly experienced with an average experience of over 10 years.
  • In 2017, We helped over 10,000 marriages and relationships to a positive path.


Avatar woman 26, Female
I had a very bad breakup and I was in depression for few weeks and was losing appetite and weight. I was not able to concentrate on work and enjoy with my friends. I was not sure if I could love again. I cannot thank Askmile enough for helping me overcome it and making me believe that I could experience the feeling of love again.
Avatar woman 22, Female
I broke up with my boyfriend because we were not able to spend any quality time with each other and it was very rough phase of my life. Askmile supported me a lot and there was a time I was sending 20 messages a day telling each and everything I was feeling and thinking and agonizing about. I don't know if could have overcome it without my counselor. Thank you so much.
Avatar man 29, Male
I had come on Askmile after it was getting really difficult for me to handle the breakup I went through after 7 years of relationship. But speaking with a counselor here gave me a different perspective to handle myself and how I saw the breakup. I was able to find lot of answers to the 'Why? Why me?' questions. I had someone to talk to, to understand me and be with me in all of this mess - all without any judgement. I'm getting to find a new myself, the support that I got here helped us keep me going instead of doing something which I would regret later.
Avatar woman 26, Female
I was not sure of how speaking with a counselor could help me with the breakup I was going through. I was heartbroken, I didn't even talk to anyone. Used to keep thinking about my ex. One of my close friends suggested me to come here and I cannot thank her enough. I could talk to someone and vent out of the sadness I was going through. My Counselor and Askmile team helped me to find me a better future, let me realize my true potential. I was at my lowest self esteem. Now, I recommend Askmile to anyone who is going through breakup.