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There’s nothing more terrifying than being with the wrong person! Unless dealt with effectively, the gap will only grow bigger to give way to more differences in the relationship, leaving both of you unhappy and miserable.

Your journey of overcoming incompatibility may be a tough one, but walking it with someone expert you can trust can be really helpful. Our expert counselors have helped thousands of couples replace those feelings of incompatibility with feelings of intimacy. Speak with your counselor now - Anonymous, Convenient and Secure.


Avatar woman Female, 36
After five years of marriage, we realise we were too opposite. We were fighting all the time and it had wrecked our mental peace. My Counselor on Askmile Rebecca focused on the communication in our marriage and helped us understand each others different perspective. She taught both of us about how to stand in each other shoe and learn each others likings and dislikings. It was an incredible counseling journey. I'm very thankful to Rebecca and askmile. Would recommend anyone facing issues in their marriage.
Avatar man Male, 42
I had been really bad at expressing feelings and emotions. So it was no surprise that just about all of my relationships have been disastrous. I wanted to be in a healthy relationship but I didn’t know how. Fast forward ten months and here I am finally in a very good relationship thanks to my counselor on Askmile. She literally showed me how to be expressive, how to be grateful, how to reciprocate. I didn’t know how to do any of these because of my childhood experiences. It’s been unbelievable and is worth every penny.
Avatar woman Female, 27
It had only been 6 months into my marriage and it was already miserable. My husband and I were poles apart at almost everything. It was getting difficult to continue this marriage. But I also did not want it to fail. I was confused what I should do. I reached out for help here and my counselor helped me find my own answers to my confusion and supported me to work in my marriage and turn it better. What I learned was to see our differences from a new perspective and resolve issues in a much more effective way. I’ve understood myself and my marriage much better than before.
Avatar woman Female, 34
Things had been too bad in our relationship and we couldn't stand each other. We were contemplating leaving each other when I came in touch with Askmile. We both worked with the same counselor individually. The tools and exercises given by our counselor helped us incredibly in strengtheing our relationship.

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