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  • We specialise in marriages & relationships issues and all our counsellors are professional relationship counsellors.
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  • In 2017, We helped over 10,000 marriages and relationships to a positive path.


Avatar man Male, 41
Cold feet before second marriage
I was about to be married for the second time but I was still scarred from my first marriage and was afraid that this one might not work out too. I started having cold feet a couple of months before my marriage. My wife had already started her journey here on Askmile and also convinced me to come here and try out pre-marital counseling. I was of the assumption that counseling is for couples approaching divorce but I realised how important it is to deal with issues before even tying the knot. It helped me understand my relationship patterns better and get support to deal with my fears. I cannot thank my counselor enough for bearing with me and giving me so much to learn in my relationship.
Avatar woman Female, 25
Concens in the Relationship
I began seeking help when just a few weeks into our marriage preparations, I started noticing a few red flags in our relationship. I was afraid it was going to turn worse after marriage if things didn’t change. I had to do something. That’s when a friend suggested pre-marital therapy on Askmile. It really worked for me. My issues and relationship dynamics was understood well by my counselor which was a very good fit for me.
Avatar man Male, 27
Fears and Issues with Marriage
Using Askmile has been one of the best decisions I've made. I feel comfortable talking about my fears and issues with regard to my upcoming marriage. Working through difficult situations has always been tough for me but my counselor has been wonderful with giving actual useful insights which has helped me a lot in dealing with and overcoming my concerns.
Avatar woman Female, 36
Regular fights before marriage
I would definitely recommend Askmile for pre-marital counseling. A couple of months before marriage we were fighting over small things like finances and each other parents and I came in touch with Askmile where I started sharing my concerns. My counselor Dr Joseph helped me bridge the gap between me and my then fiance.