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  • We specialise in marriages & relationships issues and all our counsellors are professional relationship counsellors.
  • Our counsellors are highly experienced with an average experience of over 10 years.
  • In 2017, We helped over 10,000 marriages and relationships to a positive path.


Avatar woman Female, 34
Just four weeks ago I was experiencing serious emotional pain. It was and still is a pretty low point in my life although it has gotten better since I started seeking help. I discovered that my husband had been having an affair with a colleague. I was in shackles. So I did what any other person would do: I typed into Google that I needed to talk to someone ASAP. E-counseling was one of the top options that showed up and that’s how I found Askmile. Their customer service is excellent. Anyways, after speaking with my counselor she made me realize that healing takes time. Forgiving takes time, of which I am still doing. But, she is giving me the proper tools to help me cope emotionally. It’s an all around great service and the counseling given by my counselor has been a big difference maker in how I am overcoming the situation I am currently in.
Avatar man Male, 38
6 years into my marriage I came to realise that my wife was having an affair. I was devastated. I loved her dearly and did not want to end our marriage. Apparently I wasn’t fulfilling her needs is what she said and my lack of time and attention led her to be back with an ex who was giving her all the attention while I was engrossed at work. I was angry more than I could bear. She was sorry but I wasn’t able to move past it even though I wished I could. My interactions here helped me immensely with that. We’re working on our marriage more intensely and effectively than ever before thanks to my counselor on Askmile and their endearing support throughout this rough phase. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me save my marriage!
Avatar woman Female, 24
I couldn’t believe that I was cheated on by the man I was almost about to marry. I was torn and in pieces unable to pick myself back up. I cannot thank destiny enough for bringing me here and helping me to get past one of the most difficult phases of my life. It took time, it was extremely painful but my counselor did not give up on me. And that gave me strength to not give up on myself. I’m still recovering but at least I’m moving ahead in the right direction.
Avatar woman Female, 35
If you want a real change in your emotional state, I would recommend Askmile. Just a few short months ago, I found out about my spouse cheating on me. Again. This time I was broken completely and decided to give this a shot. I have been getting counseling ever since and the advances in bettering my emotional health I have seen can’t be described with words. My counselor understands me fully and offered me not only hope but actual solutions and tools that helped me deal with my issues head on.