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About to get married to a girl who is still in love with her ex boyfriend! Don't know what to do. Not able to sleep or work

Asked by Male, 29, Single
I am about to get married to a girl. Who is still in love with her ex boyfriend, which is her first love. They had to part ways because girl does not want to break her fathers trust. She seems to be in deep love with the guy and has confessed to her friend that she thinks about him all the time and dont know how to forget her. Yesterday she was mum when I asked her that 'does she think that nobody can love her equal to that guy', And she finally said sorry that she could not answer the question, which makes me sure her answer was yes. So she started saying I love you to me some time back I reciprocated, I have been nice to her since day one, I have also accepted all her past, I too have one that I have shared with her, But mine was a breakup due to incompatibility. Now this is killing me, as I feel she has made her someone elses property, I think I will not be able to get physically close to her after knowing how deeply she loves her. What should I do.
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Arunita Biswas
Clinical Psychologist

Dear User9954, Please tell me about the circumstances of your relationship. Please also tell me about yourself and about this girl. How long do you know her and what are the reasons for your wanting to marry her. Warm regards. Arunita Biswas

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