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Angry with husband due to being ignored

Asked by Female, 30, Married
I am a married woman since 2 yrs .But my relationship with my husband is not very good. I always get angry over him that why he doesn't pay heed to me.
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Indu Padmakumar
Counselling Psychologist and Special Educator

Hi there,

I appreciate the courage and the motivation You have to take the first step to help your marriage. It shows that you're willing to try your best to help your relationship, which is in itself admirable.

You seem like someone who knows exactly what's happening in your relationship and the role you play in it.

You mentioned that you lose your temper with your husband often.
Probably we could look more into the triggers of your anger. Why and when do you get angry with him.

You also said that he doesn't pay any attention to you when you do get angry.
Its possible that this could be a cycle here.

It may be that you want him to pay attention to what you're saying, so you get angry.
But when you get angry, he does not want to pay attention to it.
And so you get angry again.
And the cycle repeats itself.

The best thing to do right now is to break the cycle.
Every person is different.
While some may respond to anger, others may not.

Communication is the key in every relationship.
Talk to your husband about what upsets you in an even tone, without losing your temper. It's probably best not to play the blame game.
Talk out your problems in a non threatening way.
Sometimes it's not really about what you say, but it's more about how you say it.

Maybe we can continue this session over private messages.
Please do write back to us with more information.
Hope this helps.
Take care and all the best :)

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