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"Being an Introvert all my life, socializing gets tougher"

Asked by Male, 22, Single
Hello, Being an Introvert all my life, I feel I overthink too much and I cannot even socialize with anyone. I have become severely nihilistic and I am not able to learn/function on a day to day basis. How do I get out of this trap? kindly help
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Salma Prabhu
Clinical Psychologist


Thank you for trying to find a way out of your situation. It must be quite an ordeal to want to talk to people or participate or go out with someone, but not actually doing it. Then thinking, how it could have been done, or how you wished it had happened.
From your situation I understand that though you are an introvert, you do have a need to socialise and as u have not been interacting earlier, you are now finding it difficult to do so.
So first let us take away the word introvert from your brains dictionary. Because introverts do not have a need to socialise. They generally happy being by themselves.
So step number one is from today start repeating you are a person who likes to meet and go out and socialise.

Second aspect is sometimes we have low confidence and a low self esteem which means we are worried, what will people say if I say this or do that. This constantly keeps us away from opening our mouth and voice our opinion and keep ourselves out of such situations which may demand so.
So if that is the case then you need to start Reengineering your brain with positive thoughts and affirmations.
Make a list of all the strength that you have. G to the details of your values, your way of thinking about the world etc.

Then before sleeping and when you wake up repeat affirmations like
I love myself
I am happy person
I like talking to people
I am confident person
I am smart and able person

Make these affirmations a part of your life and implant them in your brain.
Slowly you shall start feeling comfortable around people and shall be able to socialise with ease.

Do not give up the affirmations and let them become your default language.

I am sure the above steps are going to bring the person who has been suppressed for some years inside you.
I wish you tonnes of happiness and love.
With magical love


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