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Boss takes credit for my work, does not allow new ideas

Asked by Male, 36, Married
I need to deal with constant workplace conflicts that make me stressed, overwhelmed and unable to focus on anything. It all started when I started to work with this new company. Everything was fine until when myself and my manager started together on a project. The problem is he doesn't really allow everyone to participate on the project, only he defines the problems, find solutions and let others to do the execution part while he takes the credit of creating ideas. This is extremely frustrating and when I interfere to post my own solution he simply rejects without second thoughts. He is kind of bossing around and he is pretty much obsessed with it. Once what happened is I presented some nice good ideas for the new application that we are developing, he rejected it and later he rephrased the same idea into his own words and published everyone that this is his idea. He never really has the sense of acknowledgements, appreciations and always race against me. I am very frustrated, stressed and unable to focus on anything. Please help me on this. Is it better I switch job?
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist


I understand the intensity of frustration and stress you must be feeling when you have good ideas and are yet not allowed to execute them, and hence i also understand your concern of switching job, however from your description it seems like there are no other issues work wise apart from the way in which your manager works.

So first having conversation with manager on the same can be considered, chances are he is not aware of these things, and may attempt making changes in his approach once you express your concerns. if you are thinking about it, try to communicate it in a way where he does not feel personally attacked or blamed upon, and understands your concern and frustration over not being able to execute new ideas

You can also consider switching teams internally and taking up another roles if you like the company you are working for, also if there is someone at authority in your company who can be approached and talked to about the same for solution, then you may want to try all these before thinking of leaving the job you use to like before the project with manager.

Hope this helps, please feel free to discuss this further if needed

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