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Can divorce be prevented by marital counseling?

Asked by Female, 36, Married
Can I prevent divorce by going for marital counseling?
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Counseling Psychologist

Marital counselling provides a space for both spouses to be heard without any judgement and tries to create a safe space to address issues in the marriage. It aims to enable both spouses to work towards resolving them mutually, keeping in mind the best interests of both of them.

Whether divorce can be prevented depends upon both the spouses wanting to be in the marriage together in the first place and to explore if working on the issues is something both are willing to do or is divorce the best option for them considering their issues in the relationship.

Marital counselling will definitely help you to find out what is the best option for both the spouses, is it staying together and making it work or is it to part ways and move on? In both cases, marital counselling will help both spouses to make that journey with support from the counsellor, be it working on the marriage or be it dealing with the divorce.

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