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Chose incorrect college for studies, unable to change college now

Asked by Female, 18, Single
I scored good marks in HSC examination i wanted to go in top most college but thought I got opportunity to go in best college in city. But I don't know i thought at that time all colleges are same and miss that opportunity to go in best college and stay back to inferior some average low college. But afterwards i came to know ..it such a bull shit college no proper faculty and I regret badly on my decision I cry everyday like anything and due to this regret that I spoil my own career and now situation is so bad can't able move can't able to mix nor even can understand anything and Nor focus on studies Currently i m in fy .. I want to pursue psychology in ty . In my college seats are only 20 for ty .. So it's tough to secure seat. and I m afraid ll i be able While in that best college the seats were 60 So there my career was totally safe and secure And now I got a news college that my college will be autonomous next year It broke me into pieces I regret now badly ..I got opportunity my career was safe and everything was well set and I my self ruined my own career My exams are in nxt week i didn't hv studied yet .. I don't know now how I ll pass Still i flash back ..all past memories and hell my life being now
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist


Reading your passage, i can understand feelings of sadness and guilt you have for loosing on opportunity to be in one of the best college for career you are planning to pursue.

When reality is that good college gives good exposure and start, it is equally true that majority of it lies in your hand of how to utilise that opportunity, there are number of examples where even after getting in the best school/college student did not end up doing great in their career, and equal number of examples where students from unknown colleges making it big and shinning, at the end college is made up of students, so look at it as an opportunity and learn your subject so well that unknown average college you are talking about is known because of you.

As far as your concern regarding taking up psychology, to practice as professional you need to at least have masters or M.phil depending on specialisation you choose, and many people have ended up getting into Masters, even when they studied some other subjects at bachelors level, so there is nothing to worry about at this point in your career.

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