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Communication issues with family and best friend, studies affected

Asked by Male, 15, Single
Should I stay alive? My friends hate me, my family hates me, my best friend, the only one I had, has become estranged. Studies are going to crap. I can't possibly live this way, should I even live anymore?
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Salma Prabhu
Clinical Psychologist


Thank you for asking this very important question you have to us. It must be quite a situation to have so many disappointments all at one time. But I must say you are really brave and are a very good analyst too. Because you have observed yourself very well.

It is true that life becomes very difficult at times and we wonder, what is the point in living, when no one loves us. I somehow always encourage everyone to reach a point when you love yourself first. You must be aware of the law of attraction, It teaches us the rule of physics of attraction and creation.

Let me give you an example or an experiment. just for the heck of saying keep repeating to yourself the following statement. at least for 100 times in a day for a couple of days.

the statement is" I love life and I love the blue color".

Now from the third day start going out with a piece of paper or a notepad to note down

and see the amount of blue color that you see and check how much love is coming your way.

From your first statement, I could figure that you are attracting hate, by repeating in your own mind that I hate life. My life is no good, nobody loves me.

the moment you shall start saying I love life, I love myself, everyone loves me. you shall attract that and you see how things start changing for you.

you have come to this world for a purpose, to learn and to share your learning with others. start repeating I love my studies, I enjoy learning, Make new friends. do not read or post too many quotes on best friend. everyone is your friend. you first become a best friend to yourself, and you see how many good friends and even your estranged friend comes back to you.

I am sure you are going to apply the simple techniques mentioned above in all areas of your life as from your few words, I gather you are a very intelligent and passionate person.

I wish you the best of everything in life

with magical love


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