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Crying easily, weakening communication skills, anxiety

Asked by Female, 17, Single
I am studying in 12th I used to be so happy before without bothering about the situation. But from few months I am very depressed and used to burst in tears easily. I used to be so talkative but now I am getting alone day by day if anyone talks to me I can able to talk to him/her. My communication skills are getting weaker day by day I have no one to share my feelings it's not educational stress but it's a stress which is very dangerous and making me anxious and aggressive please. I am high on neotism and my anxiety level is also extremely high I have done the tests.
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Harish Bhuvanendran
Life Coach

Hey Parul, it is a thing that none of humans know; when these feelings can crawl into our respective lives, but the important thing is to attest to that fact and seek help. Which you did.

Next important thing is to make a list of things that you want back and start working for it, it is very important that, you take all the strength and start doing. You will feel like laying back and you will start panicking; but don't give it in for that.

Regarding the Neuroticism, you ought to surround yourself with positivity and focus on a healthy physical body

Start by Exercising because immobility is one of the leading contributors to anxiety symptoms. exercise releases chemicals in your brain that improve mood, making it as powerful as some anxiety medications. It is extremely important that you begin exercising quickly.

Next thing to do is that you work on your relaxation, you need to breathe. there are several ways for you to indulge in relaxation and they are deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, mediation. You can find your own way to relax yourself by making your blend by mixing all this and following something which will absolutely put you in relaxation.

In order to know more about what type of anxiety you're experiencing, write back to us, with the help of couple of questions, we will be able to figure out what you are experiencing and help create a better plan to cope with what you are going through.

Hope it helps :) Looking forward to hear back from you.


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