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Cute girl gives cute smile, not sure if she has feelings

Asked by Male, 20, Single
I am a student and there is girl in my class. She behaves normally with everyone and so with me but when ever I look at her she used to give me a cute kind of smile and so on. I just want to know is she is normal with me or something is going on in her mind or I am taking her feelings in a wrong way?
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Madhuri Mohan
Counselling Psychologist

HI, I understand your confusion in this matter, sometimes when we like a person, we tend to look at every action they make toward us and tend to think that there is a deeper meaning to it. Maybe she is just being friendly or maybe she is interested in you. The question you should as yourself is whether you are interested in her. Either way, my suggestion would be to approach her and talk to her about it. Have a normal friendly discussion and get to know if her feelings are genuine or she just being friendly. Being open and communicating with her will help you clear your confusion.

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