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Decreased performance at workplace due to rejection in love

Asked by Female, 26, Single
I'm in with love a boy and i felt he liked it as well but then he said he don't love me. i feel heartbroken. i think about him and miss him all the time. i'm not able to sleep, focus on work. bcos of that my performance has suffered in office and everyone can see that. i dont know what to do and how to come out of it. its really killing me
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Mayank Gupta

Hey dear.. Good of you to take a step in solving the problem.

Life is tough and difficult moments come. Many a times what we want is not what we get and that doesn't mean life is any less beautiful. You need to try and take your mind into things which interest you. You had a beautiful life before this guy comes into your life and you still can have the same.

Try and engage yourself into activities which you enjoy doing. Join some group classes like Zumba, trekking, dance etc. Go out with friends. Think of dating again. Few weeks later, you would laugh on how silly this time was. Meanwhile do the following things

1. List things and times when you were not thinking about him.
2. List activities which you still enjoy and feel good.
3. Pick up any of these activities and try to spend some time into it.
4 Gradually increase your daily time into these activities
5. Surround yourself with friends as much as you can.

See how it goes for a few days. I'm sure you will see the results. Write back to me if any questions. All the best

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