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Depressed and suicidal due to career stagnation

Asked by Male, 25, Single
I work 16 hours a day and have been doing so for the past 3 years. I havent amounted to anything and I don't see any prospects in the horizon. I am depressed and I don't think life is worth living any more. I've contemplated suicide multiple times. What do I do? Do I end it? Consider this my cry for help.
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Madhuri Mohan
Counselling Psychologist

Hi, I can understand your frustrations, when you put in the hard work and do not reap the benefits, can get to you. However, the answer is not suicide or 'ending it'. You are young and hard working and even though you may not be able to see any prospects at the moment, it does not mean you have not achieved anything. I would like you to an exercise for me. I want you to make 2 lists, one list of your goals and ambitions that you have not been able to achieve as yet and the second list about what you have achieved so far. It is important that you make that second list, even if the achievements are small or do not matter write them down. Take your time and go over the three years that you have been working and write down everything you can in these two lists. Once you do this, write back to me and we will take it from there. You have taken the first step by coming on this site asking for help, so let's take it a little further and see if we can work out another solution other than the one you have right now. Hope to hear from you soon. :) 

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