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Dissatisfied with job, unable to study further, relationship getting affected

Asked by Female, 21, Single
Hi. I am 21 year old(female) . I am a b tech pass out n got placed in an mnc since then i am working in that mnc from last one year ( have package ok, ok but good for starting ). I am not that happy with my job but i am satisfied because there is sooo much to learn . There are many good opportunities but u need to be smart and work extra to grab them. And my boss (manager) says that i am a good resource but i need to get organised , be more methodical , use my potential to the fullest n ol. And he is been saying it from last one year n i dont know like i also want to prove him my capability but i dont know why can' t i manage my self , my time etc . My shift timings are 12:30 pm to 10:00 . Sometimes i think i m not capable enough to do things. And my parents they keep on pushing me to take coaching for civil services side by side . N also they enrolled me in an mba distance programm which i dont study , i mean i m having problem in managing that . I did not gave my first sem examz also but i told my parents i gave them n now those examz are in dec n i have not prepared anything again. Also i have a boyfriend who does nothing n we are in a long distance relationship from a year, we hardly meet once in two months that to for 1 or 2 hrs because when i go to my home town i can meet him for this time interval only . Oh m sorry i forgot to tell that i live in mohali but came to noida because of my job from last year . First time i came out in this world . Usually i was more off a hommie girl , who doesn' t hangout with friends , movies etc but now i go to watch movie once or twice with my bf but thats fine i like to stay at home n see movies on laptop n surf net ol day n eat a lot n then sleep . N today my bf just said on call that in a year i am only happy 4days otherwise ol days m crying only when i told him that my mood is off because my manager said me something . Without even listening he said that when is ur mood not off. I was hurt badlyyyyyy .i just cut his phone n cried like hell in washroom for like one and a half hour. Then after that i was lost whole day at work as well. I was not able to focus , i was doing my work like i have lost it . I was not able to answer my managers questions . I was just sooooooiiiiioooooioiooo lost . But still i continued working how much i could . I dont have much friends also actually no friend there because i dont really like anyone there . N i was also thinking that i was enchanted by my aunt who is very cruel . May be . I was thinking of god . I wanted him to help me please but i din' t actually knew what was the problem . I am actually very lost in life i think . M not at ol happy with anything in my life . I dont know wht i want . I just ....... Please help
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Harish Bhuvanendran
Life Coach

Greetings,It is very clearly that, all the aspects of your life is currently at a very low level energy and you would need to shift the energy upside down and make it nice and good space to be in.For that clearly you have to make some changes and bring about a perspective change:1) Organize your time wellSleep on timeAllot time to all the tasks that you have for each day, and try to stick on thatWrite down the things to do each day2) Make a planPlanningPreparationPracticePresentation3) Train yourself to think in a Step-Wise order and Logical orderJust follow easy steps and make small yet viable changes in your life in order to see imporvement in your work.For your personal life, it is a long distance relationship, and clearly you both are working very hard to make it work, so be understanding and accomodating in your relationship and try various ways of increasing chemistry with each other. Love more and stress about it less.Thanks.

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