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Disturbed due to potential career loss because of unplanned second pregnancy

Asked by Female, 31, Married
I am a mother of kid aged 6 years. When my first kid was born I had to compromise on my carrier and broke my carrier, my first maternity created a gap of 6 years. After a long struggle I joined some new course thinking of restarting my carrier and now I'm almost at the end of my course and doing well in that. Now at this point of time I'm confirmed with a unplanned pregnancy, even after taking precautions I got consived. My mind is totally a mess now. I really don't want to lose my carrier again, 1_ it is tough to get placed for a job being pregnant 2_if I think of work from home options no company offers such a long work from home options at the beginning 3_as there is nobody to take care of kid I must stay at home and take care of kid at least for certain period. Ultimately I'm feeling that once again my carrier is lost, Our financials is not so strong enough to relay on my husband's income for a family of 4. Now due to all this I'm not able concentrate on my projects . My mind totally messed up n completely disturbed. Please sugest
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Salma Prabhu
Clinical Psychologist


Thank you for writing to us. You are in a dilemma and it must be very difficult to make a decision. As it is very clear that you took all the prevention, however you still could not prevent yourself from discovering that you are pregnant.

The age you are at is indeed the age when women want to be something and want to prove to themselves and to the world that they have more to themselves than just being a mother or a homemaker. I can understand what you are going through at this moment.

Also there is a financial constrain. There are times when we are really faced with such difficult decisions and either way we end up feeling guilty.
However there are also some situations which are in the design for us and how much so ever we try to avoid we end up in those situations.

I am not the person who beats around the bush and so would tell you that you and only you can come to a decision.

Sit for three days in a quiet cosy corner
Close your eyes and focus on your breath for 30 seconds
Then ask the Universe or the God you believe in to give you signs in form of dreams, numbers, pictures, word flash etc.
Observe each day what signs are coming to you
Ask for the right answer for you.
Do this for three days.

I am sure you shall have enough of signs to make the decision.

Also whatever the decision you make, do not think about it late that it was wrong.

The option of work from home and making a niche for yourself will also come to you as you take the decision.

Wishing you a very calm and contented life.

With magical love


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