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Feel scared to act my age, want to still be a child

Asked by Female, 17, Single
I am a 17 year old. Now I am in a college in my first year BA degree, well my mom has always been a teacher in my school but she never interfered in my school affairs but somehow others always kept calling me teacher's daughter, teacher's pet as such and I lived by that name as i was a perfect nerd and became even subject and school topper. However there was a time in grade 11 and 12 where I felt lonely sometimes and never went for hangouts even when I felt like i wanted to. But sometimes i feel like I don't have a mindset of a seventeen year old girl. Even initially I was wary of entering teenage as I still wanted to live in my childhood, so for up to my middle adolescence I was a bigger kid basically. And when I started doing teenage stuff properly in late adolescence I realized it was almost too late as by then I passed school. Even in college when my friends tell me to join them explore the city,my gut feeling is always tense So please help me figure out myself. Thank you.
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Kiran Lakhani
Counselling Psychologist


I really appreciate you writing in to us to figure out how you can change your situation.

I understand that you are facing a new feeling now when you want to go out and have fun as you have never done this before. Believe me its okay to feel this way. You are doing something you have not done before, you are moving out of your comfort zone so it is going to feel odd, to feel tensed.

Ask yourself certain questions before you are going out, is it dangerous for me in any way? am I comfortable with the people I am going out with? Do I know where I am going? Is the place where I am going safe? Am I doing something wrong by going out?

If you have answers to these and similar questions you are okay. You will get used to the new feeling soon.

I hope this helps.

All the best.

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