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Feel unhappy in absence of boyfriend

Asked by Female, 21, Single
I am unable to get over my breakup with my boyfriend and I am unhappy.
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Salma Prabhu
Clinical Psychologist

Thank you for your query. It seems like you are going through a dilemma with your own self.
Let us first try and understand what you want.
You say he is your boyfriend, then why should there be a need to get over him. You are probably trying not to get obsessed with him as he seems to be obsessed with you and possessive about you.
We all have needs which are fulfilled by another person or some things in life. Like physical hunger is fulfilled by food, thirst is fulfilled by water, similarly need for love is fulfilled by our near and dear ones.
However it is very important to love ourselves first, respect ourselves and realise that we are worthy. If we are living and existing we are worthy.
Focus on yourself, your inner glow, your inner strength. Speak calmly to him, respect him, respect yourself.
Also focus in a hobby, opt for some yoga and calm your inner self. Today life is very fast and slowing down gives us clarity of thoughts and action.
Follow three steep powerful mantra
1. Make a list of what you want in life.
2. Also be grateful for what you have
3. Practice forgiveness for self and others.
I am sure you shall rock in life with happiness and spread the same to others.

With magical love


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