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"Feeling depressed, demotivated and suicidal"

Asked by Male, 22, Single
Hello, I am feeling depressed, demotivated and suicidal. I was a really jovial person a few months back when I was really having the time of my life. I was the class topper, I was the winner of top internship opportunity and I fell in love with my senior who in turns love me but is ashamed to acknowledge regarding race and caste issues. Things hit rock bottom when my parents started treating me as an outsider not sharing about my mother's illness and my married sister's problems. I can no longer focus as much as I used to and get easily and quickly distracted. Failures of earning opportunities at par with my skill sets are worsening the situations, especially because earlier they were reasons of my happiness. Kindly help
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Harish Bhuvanendran
Life Coach

Hello, Greetings of the day :)

I just read what you wrote, and can tell that you really have the courage to write what you are going through. First of all let me tell that I want to thank you for what you shared. Now that you know the root cause of your problems, let us sort it out one by one.

Earlier your source of happiness was your education, and achievements through it, but that was all which was necessary in your life. Now you have to look at all the other aspects and now that you are finding out other aspects which according to you was not going fine, it is disturbing you big time. "Ignorance is Bliss" So we have heard, but think deeply once you know about these things in your family, can you just look away from it. No. You have to put your foot down and start dealing with it by making yourself availble to the family and the things which are bothering you with it.

They might have not shared about your mother's illness by not making you sad as well. You can not blindly accuse them of not caring for your, or treating you like an outsider. You have to view the scenario from a third person's perspective and they do care for you. Secondly it is about your sister, you have to make yourself present there and then therefore your family will start sharing things with you, and your happiness will be co-created by your family, you and all the things that currently bothering you.

Lastly about your the relationship that you have with your partner, you need to have a clear sense of communication and get clarity over it because only once both the partners accept each other for whoever they are and their caste, race and their background. If your partner is having a problem with your case and race from right now itself, imagine will your partner ever accept it. Have a clear communication regarding this topic for your better understanding and happiness.

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