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Feeling low after being rejected at hackathons despite being good student

Asked by Female, 19, Single
I'm currently a 2nd year Computer Science Engineering student. I've been pretty competitive throughout and academics has always been my strength. However after getting rejected at a couple of hackathons, I have hit a low. This feeling gets worse when I see my peers doing something that can build their resume. I've started doubting my capability and the fear of ending up as an average engineer without that dream job or dream post graduation university has hit me. This has made me less productive and lazier.
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Harish Bhuvanendran
Life Coach


I can totally understand what you are trying to say, because I had been there and the worse thing I was doing at that time was to compare myself to the peers that I had and feel bad about the performance. I had my teacher who spoke to me and told me that I should tryst my ability to trust myself to do things at my own pace and she gave me a beautiful example of 'If you judge a fish on the ability to climb a tree, a fish can never perform better, but give fish water and the fish can do wonders.'

This example has stayed with me throughout my life, and I could see clearly that If I start judge myself by the failures that I have, then I'm just like the fish you is trying to climb the tree and feeling sad that I'm unable to, rather I would try climbing, if I failed, then I would try walking, If I again fail then I would try swimming. When I would try swimming I would definitely succeed. I would not judge that process of failing at all. Rather I would try learning from my failure and prepare myself for the next thing that I would be doing.

But being less productive and lazier is not a solution to anything, you have to build up the stamina and get back up on the saddle and start what you want to do.

Hope it helps, and at any point of time, you can write to us, we will be there to co-create a space and work a solution for the dilemma that you are currently going through.


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