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How to get over frustration?

Asked by Male, 30, Married
I want to know how to restore from frustration?
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist


Its amazing to notice that you have realised that frustration is something which you need to handle in your life as it must be impacting you a lot.

To deal with frustration we need to work on triggers, i.e all the situations or incidents that leaves you feeling frustrated, writing down all these triggers on daily basis will give you clear idea on what makes you feel that way? for example do you get frustrated because you could not meet your own expectations from yourself or other?

once you know what are triggers, it would be best to avoid all these triggers tactfully and creatively which we can do while we discuss your triggers.

check in with yourself: Frustration arises due to helplessness, when you start feeling that there is nothing that you can do about this situation, one starts feeling anger because of frustration, be more aware of it and before reacting, in anger just ask yourself questions like

can i express it is any other way?

is there any creative solution to that which i could not think of so far?

will this matter over period of time say in week, or year?

these things will give you reality check and make you think in calm and composed ways

Hope this helps :)

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