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How to have a goal and stay motivated all the time? I am clueless

Asked by Male, 24, Single
I don't have an ultimate goal in life and I don't know what I want. For this reason, I am not motivated towards work. I did my graduation from one of the best colleges and I am known to be a smart guy at work. Problem is that right now I am not motivated towards work for some reason and I am not able to work at all. I observed the same pattern over years. I want something and I work so hard to get it but when it comes to tasks which I have to do without motivation I can't do. I feel my ultimate problem with life is not having a goal. How to have a goal and stay motivated all the time?
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear writer, thank you for writing in. I understand you are feeling clueless right now. So lets try and put things in perspective. To have a goal you need to start thinking about what you see yourself doing down the line. Also what is your personal definition of having goals. Is it succes, is it accomplishing your tasks?? Think about what interests you and if they allign with what you have studied so far. If they don't then that's fine too. Start thinking about what will get you up. Are you experiencing lethargy at work? It will help you to know that it is impossbile to stay motivated all the time. Everybody has good days and bad days. On good days its easier to accomplish things and on bad days you will find your feet dragging. That's part of life and it tests your commitment and level of consistency. Unless you accept this you will encounter similar problems in every area. Over time your commitment and consistency with work is what helps make it a passion. Motivation means effort and push required to do something. So nothing will be effortless in terms of motivation. Part of work will involve tasks that dont interest you but you have to get them done. You are not required to like every aspect of your job. If at the core you like what your doing then accept the challenges that come with it.
For example: Maybe being consistent can be a personal goal which will help accomplish professional goals such wanting a promotion.
Please message back to continue discussing. Regards.

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