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How to manage relationship along with career?

Asked by Female, 16, Single
Hello I m 16 years old student nd studied in 12th class (pcm) nd my question about my relationship nd also my career,.actually I won't break my parents trust nd my sis nd my partner also nd I want ask that how can I manage my relationship nd career both simultaneously
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Madhuri Mohan
Counselling Psychologist

Hi there, from what I gather, your parents do not approve of your relationship, and you do not want to upset them but at the same time maintain a balance.  Well, yes maintaining a balance at such a young age can be difficult, especially since when there are relationships and feelings involved. First, you need to understand that your parents' disapproval stems from concern about you and your future. So if they see that you are able to maintain a healthy balance, their disapproval might lessen. In order to do so, you need to focus on your college work and doing well in your studies. 12th standard is a crucial year and your grades will help you get into good colleges and secure your future. Some tips to help you maintain a good balance between relationships and your college work are: Organize your time and activities - make a schedule where you set up specific study times and time you spend with people. ensure that you stick by this time. Say that you will spend 5 days a week studying for a particular time period and then set time to meet your partner and time to spend with your family. Once you make a schedule, it will be easier to please everybody and you will also be peaceful. Start planning your career path - Since you are in 12th standard, this is the right time to figure out what you want to pursue and how you are going to go about achieving your goals. When your parents see that you are serious about your career and see you take responsibility for your future, they will automatically be more accepting of you maintaining other relationships. Share your thoughts about your career with them once you have figured out what you want to do. Make time for yourself - While you may be busy trying to maintain a relationship and focus on your career and keep your parents happy, this may take a toll on your own mental health. So it is important to ensure you make time for yourself where you reflect on your emotions and understand what you want from life. You can maintain a diary where you pen down your thoughts and spend an hour every day just reflecting on the same. This will help you cope with pressure and stressful situations better. I hope this helps. :) if you feel that you need to discuss this some more and want more effective ways to maintain a good balance feel free to reach out. Thanks. 

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