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How to overcome procrastination?

Asked by Male, 33, Married
I feel I have not been able to realize my full potential, simply because I was never able to discipline myself to do anything regularly for any meaningful period of time. Be it learning to play an instrument, or doing some physical exercise daily, or reading regularly to keep up with my professional colleagues, any form of discipline, knuckling down to do something on a regular basis is anathema to me-I always find a way to convince myself to procrastinate-and once I get caught up in it....well its the same old story...is there anything you can do to help me?
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist



i understand your concern, it can be frustrating at times not being able to achieve things as per standards you have set for yourself, however there can be many reasons for the same, like you pointed out it could be procrastination, or it could also be that simply you were not interested in the activities you have attempted so far or lost interest after a while, simple way to figure this out would be to ask yourself question that do you procrastinate for activities you interested in as well? and how much does it impact in achieving what you dream for? this will help you figure out if its interest or procrastination. if its interest it would be good to find out activity you love doing.

however it could be procrastination as well like you pointed out initially, i can understand with the amount of things available these days, be it online or offline to do, one can easily get distracted and use these to avoid actual thing you are suppose to do, everyone procrastinates, but its problem if it starts impacting your functioning.

But first step to solution, would be too be aware what is it and how intense are impacts of it on your life

hope this helps

once you have reflected on it write us back so we can work together towards solution

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