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How to save our marriage from mutual consent divorce?

Asked by Male, 45, Married
I am about to file a Mutual Consent Divorce under circumstances created by my wife. I need help to save this marriage because my wife is not normal mentally and has been influenced by her friends.
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Counseling Psychologist

A divorce is a big turning point in a marriage. If you think your wife has not made this decision on her own, maybe you could have one conversation with her about the basis on which her choices were made. You could suggest the involvement of a family member or two to help you both decide if this is the conclusion you both want to arrive at.
Or you could seek help from a marriage counselor together to fully assess your situation and provide a non-judgmental take on your relationship.
Allow your wife to feel like she still has the liberty to make a choice but that you would like to seek opinions from people who're family or someone who's an expert with marriages and relationships.
This might help her re-think the foundation of her decision to end your marriage and probably a chance to go through your relationship again to see the highs and lows of your marriage and maybe consider alternatives to a divorce.

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