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Husband blocked me from WhatsApp after having a fight

Asked by Female, 23, Married
My husband blocked me from WhatsApp after a fight. How do I get him back?
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Counseling Psychologist

Sounds like your husband is quite upset with the fight and does not seem to be open to discuss further on that. Looks like he is quite hurt by the fight that took place. I sense your helplessness in not being able to communicate with him over chat and be left feeling so heartbroken.

Perhaps it would help to give some time and space to your husband and to let the air cool off a bit. In the meanwhile, try to dwell deeper into what took place in that fight that made him take such a step away from you. Try to see what the point of the fight was and whether or not was it addressed appropriately. Was there some responsibility in that fight that you would like to also take? And what responsibility would you want for your husband to take?

When you find an appropriate time, approach him, through methods possible, with your after thoughts along with suggestions to what you both could do about it together in a calm and emotionally sensitive manner. Remember, a relationship is about two people and so for it to work, both need to be equally willing and invested in it.

Despite any of your efforts, if your husband still insists that you do not approach him, it is up to you to take a call and tell him that for this marriage to work, things need to be addressed or else you have the choice of going your own separate ways for without communication, it is difficult for a relationship to survive. After all there is only so much you can do and then to respect his decision and make your own too that you need to make for yourself.

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