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I am annoyed with my husband's behaviour

Asked by Female, 27, Married
I am pissed of with my husband's attitude his annoyance over petty things and his over concern which irritates a lot. He doesn't know what to talk and how to behave and assumes that he is correct all the time but never listens to what others say. He came from a very traditional family and doesn't know how to take independent decisions and doesn't even know how to manage finances. I am pregnant but I don't want to be with him.
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Writer, thank you for writing in. Congratulations on your pregnancy although I understand it has been stressful so far. I understand you are frustrated and upset about the state of your relationship. To help you accordingly can you tell what kind of things set your husband off? Even though you said he pisses you off all the time and it has led you to no longer want to be with him, I am sure it must have brought out some difficult feelings in you...
Answering the following questions will give me a better perspective:
How long have you been married and when did the problems begin?
How do you communicate with him?
What would you like to focus on and accomplish here?
How far along are you with your pregnancy and how have you been handling it?
Please message back to continue discussing. I am here to help. Regards

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