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I love a girl who also liked me but now ignoring me.

Asked by Male, 21, Single
I met this girl online. She was really interested in me. At first she was shy but as time passed she got comfortable with me. She shared everything with me. She showed a lot of affection and asked me to meet her. We met. I made her laugh a lot and kept everything funny. She also was comfortable with me that time. Even promised me to meet again. Then she has started ignoring me. I like her a lot.
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Counseling Psychologist

I understand you what you going through! It's always better to clarify with your partner as in why is she doing that ?what's the reason, at the same time give her a space, do not force her to express. Some people will be good in expressing and some will not! And take some more time in understanding each....This is important in relationship. Don't come to conclusion very soon and misunderstand each other or have conflicts. Handle it softly

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