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Lack of self-confidence, hesitant to converse in English, unable to chat with girls

Asked by Male, 20, Single
Hi. I'm not sure if a psychologist is the right person to talk about this, but here's the thing: I'm probably THE MOST UNDER-CONFIDENT person in my college. I never am able to talk to a person who I wish to talk to (specially girls). This only lowers my confidence. And when i'm with a girl, I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE about what to talk, which results in awkward silence. Other thing is, most of my friends converse in English, and they're fluent. I can talk well in English ( I know that) and understand what they say, but I am always shy to talk in English with people. So I either end up being silent or replying in Hindi. This again makes me feel bad. Help :)
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Harish Bhuvanendran
Life Coach

Hey, you are very brave enough to come a portal like this and share your uneasiness. We all are here to to guide you in a way that you gain back your confidence and also at the same time help you with what ever is the need that you want.

Regarding confidence, here are the few ways that you can build it and use it as a life skills so that you sway your way into any conversation and maintain a balance when you are in it:

1) You have to look good and believe that you look good; what it does to a person is that, the moment we look good and believe that we look good we feel good and we handle ourself in any social situation with complete acceptance of ourself.

2) A small curve on your face can set a lot of things right in your life, what I mean is put a smile on your face when you are having a conversation and it can help you go a long way in any given conversation.

3) Speaking assertively is indeed a key in boosting up one's personality. Things that you want to speak, make a mental note to yourself that you have to speak and then see the magic that you can speak.

4)Think and act positively: I think this one is self-explanatory.

5) Celebrate yourself by acknowledging what ever you have done in life, attesting to that fact naturally boosts your confidence.

Hope this helps, Meanwhile we are always here to listen to what you have to say so write back to us and talk in depth about it so we can better help you out with this.


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