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Loss of interest in activities that were previously pleasurable

Asked by Female, 21, Single
In Very Bad Situation - Feeling Like Life Is Being LOST Although Am Living My Daily Routine Life, But It Feels Like I Have Lost My Self Somewhere Else, No Joy-No Excitement-No Happiness-No Willingness Nothing Is Going Good. I Don't Even Get Time For Myself, Always HOME-TRAVEL-WORK And Vice Versa Always Use To Feel Happy To Meet My Friends-Suddenly Avoiding And Cancelling The Plans, I Feel Like Meeting Everyone And Enjoying, Shopping, Have Fun But I Started Proffering To Stay At Home On Holidays And Week Offs, Just Because I Wanna A Deep Sleep For Long. I Tend To Feel Guilty No Matter Whose Fault It Is and Tend To Have Negative Feelings About Myself, I Get Angry Easily And Find It Difficult To Control My Temper, but that anger is hardly for few minutes or you can say for a few seconds, Always Getting Tired-Lazy-Confused-Frantic-Restless-Tense-Wrong Prediction-Wrong Decisions-Losing-Worthless-Helpless My Confidence In Everything Even At My Work Location. Although Am Giving My Best In My Work And Other Things Too, But Still Not Getting Positive Results; Since Last 2 Years Many Things Are Changed But Looking Back At Myself Made Me Realize That Am Stuck In The Same Phase; Life Is Not Moving ON. My All Hard Works Are Going In Bin, Its Of No Use Not Getting Positive Response In My Career, Not Getting A Career Graph, 2 Years Back I Have Set My Goal To Achieve But Now It Seems That I Have Lost My Goal Track, Not A Single Step Is Moved Towards My Goal, Feeling Like Demotivated Specially When I See My Subordinates Are At High Level Than Me Which I Also Deserves, But Looking To Myself At The Same Previous Position As A Beginner Only, Somewhere Something Is Missing Which I Cannot Recognize And Getting Frustrated And So Mind Leading Towards Anxiety So Fast. Such Harsh Feeling Was Never Before Starting My Career. Need A Help........!!!!! Please Guide Me Where Am Getting Wrong...?? What Things Are Getting Missed By Me...?? What Need To Be Done At This Stage Of MIND...??
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Indu Padmakumar
Counselling Psychologist and Special Educator

Hi :)

First of all I'd like to appreciate you for taking the first step and writing to us.
Contrary to what you say, it actually shows that you have self love and you want to protect yourself.
Reading what you've wrote, it feels like your mind is a rollercoaster and there's a huge whirlwind of emotions that's bottled up in there and you're so overwhelmed by it all.

From what you've told me it seems like you're not happy with your job mostly, and the source of your unhappiness starts there.
That's pretty understandable since we spend most of our time at our workplaces, including travel, etc.

I think the fact that you're always busy and the monotony is really too much right now to handle.
It feels worse for you if you're not able to feel any appreciation for what you do and instead have less time for anything that you really want to do.
You also mentioned that You're not able to follow the original career plan and you see your subordinates move ahead with theirs.
You're so tired of It all, that instead of doing the things you usually used to like doing, you'd rather go home and sleep.
Meanwhile the mood swings get worse because you're unhappy with everything in general.

All these signs point to the fact that You're reaching a burn out stage emotionally and physically.
This is a huge cause for your depression and general negative feelings about yourself.

There are a few things you can do to reduce burn out:
On priority, maintain contact with supportive people who can boost your self confidence.
Spend some time everyday just for yourself, with no technology (music/art/prayer, etc.)
Do some activity where you get to move around- at least for a little while (dancing, sports, etc)
Do things that make you smile or laugh (this could be watching a tv show,etc.)
Maybe reduce intake of caffeine,alcohol and nicotine if you are using it.
Eat well and Sleep well. These two things especially are a must.

Sometimes we just need to unplug in order to work again.
Once you do that, the path you need to take would appear much clearer to you.

Maybe we can continue this session over private chat so that we can discuss this further.
Hope this helps. Please do write back to us.
Take care and don't forget to relax :)

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