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Loss of interest in studies and social life, loss of concentration, anger issues, migraines

Asked by Female, 14, Single
Hi. I'm a 14 year old girl who faces a lot of problem understanding herself before others. 3-4 years ago, I used to be a big school-goer. I used to devote myself to my studies whenever needed, and had a healthy lifestyle. I had a very good circle of friends, as well. Everything has changed now. I detest school, and anything related to it. I avoid talking to m friends. I avoid using social-media apps as much as I used to before. I've become socially withdrawn and passive-aggressive in nature. I cry over those little, careless remarks passed by people whose intention was to tease me. I've become rude anf reclusive. I'm close to certain people in real life, and maybe have a lot of friends online but when it comes to facing reality, I feel like I lose all control over emotions. Handling a huge circle of people, trying to make new friends, extending a hand in help have almost become alien to me. I hate my friends, not because they're people who are bad, but because they remind me of how less I am plugged in about matters related to school. I hate studying, and when I do I get migraines. I become restless and cry uncontrollably. I feel like there's a reason behind this, but I can't find it. Academics, for me, has become an option. I sidetrack my studies and spend more and more time on the internet. I've lost all concentration and patience. I feel like I undergo spiritual battles, picking between God and Satan. I feel so lost, like in some vortex with racing thoughts coming in my direction. And when I feel like I can't handle them, I burst. I have a bad control over my temper too. I feel unwanted, secretly hated and well, simpler in one word: DISGUSTING. I'm too scared to die. I don't know how I became what I became, but I feel so drained and white. HELP ME.
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist

Hi, It is extremely courageous for you to come out and ask for help, this itself shows that you are willing to end this struggle of thoughts and emotions you are going through, on one hand when you could express your emotions of anger, irritation, sadness very well on another i can understand that you are trying to figure of reasons behind all these happening and ways to come out of this trap which impacts your day to day life, with not liking schools, loosing focus on academics and reducing number of friendsTo begin with start with any physical exercise of your choice, gym, dancing, yoga, running, some sports whatever you may like this will help you connect with your body back, reduce flow of your thoughts and makes you feel fitter. Some people take a walk, or prefer listening to music, or take hot shower to feel better, think of what you would like and do that irrespective of any number of thoughts trying to stop you. Always remind yourself that You are not what you are thinking and feeling right now, you are someone who is extremely brave fighting to get herself back and taking actions will take you one step closer to what you want.while you are doing this, you can also maintain journal about your thoughts and emotions. which may have things like What happened which made you think and feel this way? Be positive or negative do make a note.what time in the day or night did this happen?How did you feel? How strong were your feelings?What thoughts went through your mind?This are just first steps to which will help you manage your emotions and give clarity on whats exactly going on, however i would suggest that either request for chat or phone call from our end,  so that we can help you more in depth to deal with it.

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