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Loss of motivation and confidence due to setbacks at workplace

Asked by Male, 29, Married
I work in an large IT company last 3 years and I am feeling very useless last 4-5 months. I was promised Europe on-site work, but given to another team member. I lost motivation to work, feel not confident to look for job change. Anxious about career.
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist

Hi, incidents like these, when you are promised certain work and not given the same is bound to make any one feel demotivated and sometimes gives rise in feelings of self-doubt and anxiety, these are same feelings which at times gives us good opportunity to reflect inside and help us understand where we stand and how can we perform better at work. Talking to concern person in your company expressing your feelings and understanding reasons for their decision will help you deal with it in much better way. may be they do not know how important it was for you, and chances are that with this kind of conversation, they may end up offering you kind of work which motivates you.

As far as applying in other companies is concerned, with experience of 3 years, i am sure you will have lot to offer to other places besides there is absolutely nothing to lose in trying , you may never know something really interesting might be waiting for you.
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