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Married and divorced but I don't want to reveal about first marriage during remarriage

Asked by Male, 26, Single
Few years back when I was in a college I had a relationship. The girl forced me to do a registry marriage and that I did. 2 to 3 years back we both mutaual took divorce. Now I am doing arrange marriage. We are also doing registry marraige but the registrar told me to fill up a column which says whether you r unmarried, divorcee etc. I dont want to reveal this to anyone. I just wrote that I am unmarried. I just want to ask you whether there will be any problem regarding this?
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Dr. Joseph
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Thanks for contacting the askmile team with your concerns regarding your plans for marriage and the fact about your first marriage. Marriage and divorce registry process is within the Indian legal system and not State specific. I know the tension you go through at this point of time as your marriage is getting fixed. You are very anxious about what to do in this situation.

This is more of a legal question and you need to seek professional legal help. My understanding is that in all the government documents you are once married and divorced. Hence, the currnet marriage is your second marriage. If you hide that information from your going to be wife and her family it would amount to cheating and deception. You will be into serious legal problems.

If you wrote 'unmarried' and your family members or her family members come to know that you are in your second marriage, it is going to give you tough time. Legally you will find it difficult to defend yourself. You cannot deny that what you are going to do is your second marriage legally. And your wife's family needs to know about it. If it was a living relationship there is no substantial proof. If an affair and you want to deny it still possible. But not a marriage and divorce.

Kindly consult a lawyer before proceeding with your wedding ceremony. Do you think you can conceal this information till the end? Under RTI anyone can obtain information on these matters today.

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