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Married and we are a perfect family, yet I see my ex in my dreams

Asked by Female, 26, Married
Why do I dream about my ex always? I am married for 4 years and I was in a relationship for 3 Years. We broke up mutually, I gave myself a few months time before I agreed to an arranged marriage. No one pressurized me for marriage, it was me who gave a nod. My husband is a dream guy, a guy any girl would love, he is very caring and understanding. He is my best friend and he loves me dearly and we have a daughter, a perfect family. But still, I always dream of my ex. I don't think of him during the day, I believe I am over it long ago. But in my dreams, he is the hero and my husband, though he is always there in those dreams, he is seen as a hindrance to my reunion with my ex. I am disturbed. I am afraid that my mind is cheating my husband. I feel lost and guilty. Why am I seeing such dreams frequently? How can I get rid of it?
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Dr. Joseph
Counseling Psychologist

Thanks for contacting the askmile team with your disturbing situation. You were in a relationship for three years with whom you felt emotionally connected and romantically attracted. And both of you decided to end the relationship whatever the reasons were at that given time. You took a few months to break after the breakup which might have helped to resolve the emotional baggage from the past relationship.

After a few months you consented to the arranged marriage which was with your full agreement. You say, you got a dream man as your husband. And you got a daughter too. You saying that you got over him and that you are in a perfect marriage. But seeing the Ex in the dreams as your hero and your husband as the villain of the story making you feel disturbed. You are not sure why do you dream your Ex when you are with dream guy. I agree there is enough reason for you to feel disturbed. What is missing in your marriage? What were you looking for when you chat with him a year ago?

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