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Married for 25 years, Wife thinks I am having an affair

Asked by Male, 47, Married
I am married for 25 years and my wife thinks I am having affairs, she keeps fighting with me and she blames my elder sister who is aged 52 She has fought with my mother who left her house and is staying away in her native place alone and she is aged 82 years. I and my children live in her house and as she has received all her wealth and this house from her parents which I have been taking care from 2002. Honestly, I neither gamble nor I have a habit of drinking and I have never given her part of wealth to any of my family, but from last 3 yrs she has been blaming my family and fighting with them and I am unaware of the reason. I have never traveled alone without taking her along and I have given everything according to my affordability but she never seems to be happy. Please advice me as to how to make her happy?
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Dr. Joseph
Counseling Psychologist

Thank you for taking time to share with the askmile team with regard to your troubled marriage. I understand you are 47 years old and married for the last 25 years. This means you married quite early in life. It appears that from the beginning of the marriage the arrangement was that you would live in her place as she had inherited property from her parents. You said, you are taking care of the house from 2002.
There are two major issues you talking about in your write-up. (1) Your wife's dislike and reaction to your family members (2) She accusing you of having affairs.
In order to help you further in this process I need a bit more clarity about your marriage and relational dynamics.

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