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Mood swings, feeling insecure and low, not confident about my decisions

Asked by Female, 23, Single
I have mood swings and I am unable to feel happy. My peers have bullied me. I have low self-confidence and I feel indecisive. I am unable to commit to my partner.
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Writer, I appreciate your having written in. I understand that you are unhappy with way things seem to play out for you. You feel depressed when you find yourself on the sidelines. The frequent mood swings can be tiring to manage or predict. You wish you had the will to make decisions and choices that worked for you, I understand that this makes you feel insecure about yourself. That you were treated as a pushover and felt like a loser has chipped away at your confidence and self -worth. There's not much you feel good about when it comes to you and that is a very painful opinion to carry about yourself. I wonder how long you have lived with this pain? You mentioned a topsy-turvy childhood..is that putting it mildly or do you think there's more to it? It has played a role big enough to have turned you into a skeptic. I wonder then if it gets in the way of you reaching out to your friends or boyfriend and you find yourself alone with all your painful feelings? Is it difficult to let someone be there for you? You showed tremendous strength in reaching out to us. I understand you want things to change but somehow do you think that maybe you get in the way of your own happiness? You mentioned that you have fears..do these fears affect your choices and decisions? What are these fears exactly and could you tell me more about them? You say you are manipulative.. towards others or do you think you manipulate yourself as well? The way you see yourself, your self-worth in short makes you question and doubt yourself so much so that you might even question whether you deserve to be happy. Is everyday a fight with yourself? I imagine it is draining, even though you have a treasury of strength left in you. You said that your mind is filled with a medley of thoughts. Do you think you can share some of that here? For what its worth, everybody deserves to be happy and that includes you. We just have to figure out a way for you to become your best ally. Please do revert back or consider calling in for a phone session.

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