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Obsessed with friend but cannot commit to him

Asked by Female, 25, Single
I cannot explain this feeling but I would say I am obsessed for him. Like ,I have a friend, we live together, I really love him and he loves me too but as a very good friend. There is no commitment because of personal family issues which was clear day 1 to both of us. Now the problem is I cannot stay a day without. Whenever is goes home , I start feeling disgusting, feel irritated 24/7, donot want to do anything. Just want to be with him.
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Harish Bhuvanendran
Life Coach


I cannot imagine the pain of being in a such a state, having said that, one addition step that you have taken is extremely bold is opening up about this problem and acknowledging that this particular 'scenario' is bothering you

He is your friend, you both were well aware of the situations around you both, but as it was understood to you, it was understood to him as well. Now how do you know if you won't ask him or if you won't discuss with about it.

If what you have said is true, and he is your very good friend, I think this conversation won't be tough at all for you to have, and if you both are coming from the space for each other, then rest everything you can take care one step at time and build on it, but if you won't even try to have a heartfelt conversation about it, you would never know what it would have been.

So try and then decide how you should feel.

Hope it helps, and also please write to us at any point of time if you are still feeling that things are unresolved, we are here to work together to co-create a space where solutions will just emerge :) Thanks.

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