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Okay to leave college in second year of course due to hostel issues?

Asked by Female, 19, Single
Hi I am an architecture student in second year. I took architecture because I wanted to pursue it and plus it was my parents dream. I've always been a pampered child and I got admitted in a college and I live in hostel. I really don't like living in hostel. Hostel life makes me sad and I am not able to concentrate on anything. I wae not at all a dumb student. I am a 70-80% scoring student but now in this college I just flunk. I cry day and night from the past 1.5 year I am just not happy for a person like me hapiness matters I am a happy go lucky person and my college is totally a strict one. I dont want to live here Please help me Architecture is not meant for me. I want to leave the college but is it okay to leave in second year?
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Harish Bhuvanendran
Life Coach

Hello, Always be honest about your grades, and dont let them ever find about your grades, because that makes them feel worse all the more. It is always better to tell them before hand and tell them the honest reason so as to why did you get bad grades, also since education is for your betterment as well, it is no harm in performing well. If you feel like crying, dont hold back. Do cry and apologising to your parents will be the next thing to do.Ask your parents to co-create a space with them, wherein you ask your parents about how you want to incorporate some effective technique changes in your studies. Letting them co-create the space with them, gives them a sense of workload even you possess and given their set of experience in life, they will always be equipped with helpful/ideas and experiences to help you out.Tell them real reason why you had don't want to pursue architecture anymore, and I am sure that they will understand why you couldn't perform as expected by the college and by them. If Architecture is not meant for you, then it is fine to just let it go and find out the thing which your heart calls for you. Leaving college or not leaving college is something which you have to decide with your parents and come to a conclusion there, but as long as you are not happy in doing it, I am sure that your parents will see the struggle that you are going through to pursue it and fail in the desperate attempt of proving that you are doing it for themIf you want to discuss more on this, you can always message me and we can help construct a way to help you out of this state of mind that you are in, your parents would not definitely want you in a place where you feel like giving up on everything.Thanks.

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