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People ignore me and pass sarcastic comments. Why?

Asked by Female, 16, Single
Hie I'm 16 years college student My problem is,I don't know why everyone ignores me and pass sarcastic comments like See your bestie came when I approach to someone At starting every one talks with me Behave friendly (I get friendly with new people) But loose old one
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist


I can understand it can be difficult when faced with this kind of rejection in college

Few things you can do are Observe of what is it that drives them away and Try to express what you feel, people mostly behave in this way because they don't know how you feel about these things.

These are most likely to be people who have hardly known you and appreciated amazing person that you are

Develop good sense of humour, it works best with such people, when you laugh at yourself with them, they will most likely not mess with you next time rather will enjoy your company.

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