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Pregnant sister has blood pressure issues after father's death

Asked by Male, 18, Single
Hii Iam a 18year old. My dad passed away 2 months before due to an attack. My sister is pregnent and will diliver a baby within a week, but shes facing problem overcoming the death of our dad. Doctor said she have blood pressure, is there any way to make my siss forget the lose?
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist


As i read your description i can only appreciate concern you have towards your sister, even while when you yourself are going through loss of your father, i am sure managing your own emotions and taking care of your family members would be difficult for you, yet you choose to be brave and think above yourself

Like you understand and are feeling at this point, Experience of loss can be very complex and it can leave one with bundle of emotions, such as Grief, Anger, Guilt, etc. dealing with which is difficult even for experienced adults. There is also curiosity that accompanies emotions, many questions for which we intuitively begin our search for answers.

First and foremost you need to deal with our own emotions with the help of friends, family and if need be not to hesitate in taking professional help from Counselors. Once You deal with our own emotions, you can think clearly and will be in position to help your sister as well

2. Second thing would be to create an environment where your sister can open up to you about all the emotions and questions she have been having and feel safe and accepted. Listening carefully will sort out half your worries, , you will understand her worries, feelings and will be able to respond better

3) check if you sister is amongst one who might feel guilty, especially if death occurred in front of her; make sure you convey that it was not because of her.

4. There are many books and stories available, which will help her deal with her emotions and give some comfort, ask her to read it or read these to her. Resort to religion and spirituality will also help her calm down.

5. Help her express her emotions through art, painting, or any other creative medium, even writing her heart out will help

6. If you notice that grieving is prolonged or that its severe where family is unable to help her please opt., For professional help from trained Counselors, if you want us to find one near your location, we can do that for you

Hope this will help,

Stay strong and write back to us if you need any more support or just want someone to listen to you.

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