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Problems with best friend, crying most of the time

Asked by Female, 20, Single
I am highly affected by the problems I have been having with my best friend. I cannot stop crying.
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Salma Prabhu
Clinical Psychologist

Thank you for confiding in us.
Best friends indeed hard to find and if there r issues there, it can be very disappointing and disturbing. I can understand how sad u must be feeling.

However profusely crying is not something which will give u a solution to the status of ur friendship.
I m sure u must have already tried to communicate and find out what is the issue.
You must have messaged, asked, written called to find out what went wrong. Why is ur friend so upset to be having issues. You must have also thought urself of what went wrong.

If u r aware of the issues then u must have even apologized or tried to make peace.

I would say if you have done all the above, then give some time and space.
If u have not then do the above and give ur best shot in communicating.

Sometimes things just happen when we no longer keep thinking about it too much.

I would certainly add one more tip and that is keep blessing her. And praying to God for her good.

You also need to do something about ur crying. So look for a hobby or join a dance class or an activity class which will give u some diversion from the thoughts. Get busy, get tired and take care of urself.
60% time. Crying means u also need to see a doc or a psychologist. If it does not stop after doing what I have mentioned above.

I pray ur friendship gets a new life.

With magical love


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