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Tips to find time for myself after birth of baby

Asked by Female, 30, Married
I am unable to find time for myself after the birth of my baby, who is now 9 months old. Any tips?
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist

Dear Parent

Its lovely to notice that you understand only by taking good care of yourself you can take care of others, which many new moms forget.

The first thing to do is help heal your body, by eating right, choosing right kind of exercise and having enough Rest. Building really good support system is equally important which might have other new parents, make sure you talk to them about things you are facing and vice versa, sometimes we get great solutions from these support systems. Make sure your expectation from yourself is realistic, be it about your job, housework or even pre-baby weight.On one hand Expressing and accepting negative feelings that might come your way because of change in life is natural,On another focusing on positive feelings is equally important, you can consider maintaining thought and feeling journal.

1) get dressed and put on make up- might sound silly since you don't plan to go anywhere but it will end up making you feel refreshed and doing this for yourself is easy while your baby is around, you can also click lot of pictures using this opportunity and surprise your partner as well

2) take an appointment to salon, or call beauticians to come home for nice hair cut and pedicure- this way you can watch baby and get some time for yourself as well

3) usually new parents ends up talking to their friends when they get time about baby, while its great but try to make it a point that its not all about baby, you can talk about fashion, work, hobbies, etc which you use to earlier.

4) Do what makes you laugh, be it watching good comedy movie or show, cracking up jokes with friends, etc, humour truly helps feels lighter and less stressful

5) Take enough breaks in betweens but this can be achieved only if you structure your day well

6) Treat yourself, this is really important, after doing housework/outside work, dealing with baby, its important that you treat yourself with either chocolate, cup of coffee, reading paragraph from your favourite book everyday, this keeps one motivated

7) Take your baby out, may be in garden and meet up other people there.

8) invite friends and family for potluck parties, so you get to meet them and at the same time will not have burden to cook for all of them

Hope this helps, if you have any other specific questions, do write back :)

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