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Troubled by relationship with married man. How to get out of it?

Asked by Female, 25, Single
Hi I m stressed, I have no hope to live. Just want to die. My bf is troubling me a lot. He's married now even dn he troubles me like hell. He has all my friends no., he takes out my call details. I told him many times v shud brkup else ill die, u r troubling me a lot only u r d problem in my life but he doesn't cares, he's just concerned for himself. It's more dn 5 yrs of relationship. I need a brkup wd him but he's irritating me, comes to my ofc, he don't even trust me. I feel he just want to b wd me for financial support and nothing else. Plz help me Feeling like to die
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Madhuri Mohan
Counselling Psychologist

Hi Dear, You are going through so much! I can understand the trauma you are going through and how you are feeling. You are in a difficult situation. Your ex-boyfriend is harassing you and you are going through a lot of mental pressure. If he is harassing you and using you for money, you need cut contact with him and to do that I would suggest  first, please lodge a police complaint and try to get help from the police to get him to stop contacting you. Second, inform your office not to allow him into the premises and try changing your number and blocking him out. Take your friends into confidence and ask them not to share your details with him. You need to be strong and make a conscious effort to cut him out of your life. I know it is hard, but by taking these drastic measures you will be able to focus on regaining your confidence and gain peace of mind as well. If you need further assistance, please feel free to send me a private message and we can talk about this some more. You are a brave girl for putting up with this relationship for so long, and as hard as it may be you need to do what is right for your mental wellbeing. Stay strong :) 

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