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Trust issues in marriage due to MIL's interference

Asked by Female, 29, Married
My mother-in-law's interference has turned my husband against me. He does not show any interest in talking to me and does not ask for me to return from my parents' home. There are trust issues between us.
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Counseling Psychologist

This seems to be quite an issue in many marriages, interference from the in-laws. It must be quite painful to watch our husband cut off from you because of external influence.
It's unfortunate that your mother-in-law has meddled between the two of you to the extent of you having left their home.
In my understanding, you and your husband need to sit down and talk about this, to know each other's stance in the situation. If the trust issues exist between you two because of a specific reason, then talking about it will definitely help. If either of you have given the other a reason to have trust issues than clear communication is required to repair the damage done, as well as mends to make up for the mistakes, small and big.
However , if it is an empty accusation on either one of you, then communication can solve the problem, if done effectively.
In addition, it would help knowing your husband's thoughts about the future of your marriage which will help you take the next step in either direction.

It might also help to get both families to talk to arrive at a conclusion for the future of the marriage, since the mother in law seems to be closely involved in the turn of events.
Such conversations lead to understanding each family/ each member's expectations and then help the decision making process.

I would also recommend seeking professional help from a counselor for your well being,to deal with what has happened and also provide a support system for the future as you take decisions about your marriage.
If it helps, you can go further and seek marriage therapy / couples counselling for you and your husband, provided he is on the same page as you about your futures.

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