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Unable to concentrate on studies, only want to lie in bed or watch TV

Asked by Female, 16, Single
I am not able to concentrate in my studies at all. I have been an excellent A grade student in the past and aspire to be a neurologist. I know listening to this you might think that I am a concentrated and sincere student but for some reason in these past months I have just become apathetic to all kinds of situation. I just lay in bed, watch television or may be just see nonsense stuff on the phone. First I thought it was mobile addiction but it isn't. I really need help to overcome this urgently
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Harish Bhuvanendran
Life Coach

Hi, I read on what you have written and must say quite a task that you have accomplished on opening about your issues. For some reason these feelings can crawl into any life at any given point of time and all we have to do is acknowledge it and get past it. During these difficult times, we need is to get to the things that are to be done. I use a very simple series of things to be done and they are as follows:

1) I focus on few things at a time: By this I'm intending to mean is that we often as complex creatures tend to think that we can do a lot of things at a time, but we don't have to be hard on ourselves this way all the time. Focusing on dew things will allow you to feel less occupied. Instead when you think that there are few things to be done, you will feel motivated and now your goals will seem so much more achievable.

2) Exercise: Often when our body is all the time studying or in front of desk jobs, it gets into the pattern of just staying still and it affects us psychologically, and then a lot of the time we feel lazy because completing a task seems too difficult. With exercise there are no plans involved, you just have to get up and get your body moving, it is as simple as doing some situps in your living room or in your own room. You will find that after exercise your body is rejuvenated and all set to accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself.

3) Relaxation: Yes you may find it shocking that I am including relaxation as one of the things to get you moving, well that is because often, absence of relaxation makes our body relax with us not knowing what is the reason for us to relax. so it is better to consciously relax so that our body is in our control and we know what is it that we need to do next. Also we need to do thins we enjoy. Why? Simply because you also allow yourself to think about things, reflect and feel inspired by self. When I relax, I suddenly find that I have the motivation to get up and start doing things because I get refreshing techniques to execute the work in hand and I feel all motivated.

4) Getting the 'self' more organized: I do this, as soon as I wake up from my sleep, I set my things to do list and work accordingly, because we think that there are things that we want to do today and we will remember it, but the actual catch is that we tend to forget and which it is totally fine that we forget. So, In order to make the life simpler and much easier all we have to do is to organize, you can start by organizing your room. and then it will feel like you have to organize the things that you have to do, automatically your mind starts to compartmentalize the things that you want to do and it sets on the track immediately after you have a task in hand.

5) Stay positive: Well, not getting too philosophical about it, but we have to often say things and feel things which are in our favour and we actually will start living in our favour. For example we may get a thought that 'Oh I have so much to study, I may not even be able to complete the syllabus that I have set out to finish today", how to convert this into a positive thought is that "Oh I'm so grateful that I have accomplished so much so far and with this I will be capable to do so much more, and how much ever is remaining is going to be fun and enjoyable." Just thinking that way makes you feel excited and motivated to do so much more than you originally might have set out to achieve.

One thing that I have to appreciate you for and that is your level of self-awareness and monitoring over your self. Now that you have got a simple yet most powerful plan, Kindly execute with the same level of awareness and you will be able to achieve what you have set out to achieve.

Hope it helps, and also please write to us at any point of time if you are still feeling that things are unresolved, we are here to work together to co-create a space where solutions will just emerge :) Looking forward to hear back from you during your execution or after it.


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